About Us

Retiring after 26 years as an Air Force cop I found myself between working government contract jobs. Both Neisha and I were using the GI Bill to finish up our bachelor degrees in Management.

I had always wanted to open a gun shop that was part gun shop, part coffee hang out. Then one afternoon in November of 2012 never thinking anything would come of it I idly mentioned to Neisha that the name Bullshooters was available on the state’s business registration site. Well something snapped in Neisha. She was tired of being dependent on capricious government contracts and tired of hearing me talk about opening a gun shop and never doing anything about it.

All the business skills she had put into hibernation when the kids came along woke up full force and by the end of the day she had completed a mountain of paperwork and Bullshooters, Ltd. was born. We even ended up taking all the spare change in the house, over $700 worth, to the bank to open a business account. While we still work out of the house we are more in love with Bullshooters every day. We have met an incredible number of people/customers that share our interest from almost every walk of life.

When you come by to do business with us you’ll be greeted by an enthusiastic golden retriever and our three small children. You’ll also find a couple of people that will listen to your wants and needs and never talk down to you. We’ll offer advice if you ask but most people know what they want and it’s our job to give it to them.

We pride ourselves on being professional and courteous even if the deal is taking place at our office shack. Our goal is to treat every customer like they are a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar products and services, but our service is the best, and comes with a personal touch.

Please don't be afraid to ask for a cup of coffee or worry about taking your shoes off when you come in the door.....did I mention the dog and three kids?

(Update: Silly Karl decided we needed to save money for "College" for the kids and has taken up gainful employment outside of Bullshooters. We will be available for business nights and weekends as a, but also yay.)

Karl Heidelberg

Karl recently retired from the Air Force after 26 years in Security Forces as a Senior Master Sergeant. He served on several deployments to the Middle East.

Having spent 13 years living in Alaska he loves almost everything firearms and hunting related.

Karl is currently loo
king forward to a long career as Colorado Springs' premier small retail firearms dealer.

Neisha Heidelberg

Neisha is a veteran of the US Army having served overseas and here in Colorado Springs at Ft. Carson.

As a licensed insurance agent she spent her professional career working to help business and individuals protect themselves from the unforeseen. Recently Neisha has taken up firearms engraving and is practicing to improve her skills before taking on commissions. Examples of her work can be found on the Bullshooters Facebook page.

When not working to grow Bullshooters or engraving she is raising her three small children.